Sunday, March 31, 2013

Commando Red Ale Brew Day

2 Gallon Batch
-Caramel 80 (7 oz.)
-Liquid Amber Extract (3 lb.)
-Cascade Hops (0.5 oz.) for boil
-Safale American Ale Yeast

  • Started steeping specialty grains in two gallons of water for 30 minutes at a temperature between 130F and 150F.
  • Next I got the water to a boil, removed it from heat, and added the liquid extract.  (Hint: the liquid extract can be incredibly thick and syrupy, putting it in a bowl of warm water makes extraction easier!)

    • 15 mins in I added half of my cascade hops to the boil, stirring occasionally and watching for boil over.
    • 30 mins in I added half what the cascade hops I had left
    • with 15 minutes to go I added the remaining hops and the wort chiller (in order to sanitize it)
  • After the 60mins expired I ran tap water through my wort chiller in order to drop the temperature of the wort to around 70 degrees, so our yeast can live happy lives and make good beer.
  • Once I reached my target temperature I used my auto siphon to fill both of my 1 gallon glass carboys.  I then aerated the wort by shaking it around carefully.
  • Took the Original Gravity: 1.054   
  • Pitched the American Ale yeast.
  • Attached blow-off hoses to both carboys and placed in my brew closet for fermentation!

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