Thursday, March 28, 2013

Apple Blossom Hard Apple Cider

In food-grade 5 Gallon bucket mix:

-Simple Truth Apple Juice Organic (x4 gallons)
-R.W. Knudson Pear Juice Organic (32oz)
-Five Table Spoons of Honey
-One Pack of RedStar Pasteur Champagne Active Dry Wine  Yeast

Using organic and pasteurized juices is the best way to go when making cider and gives you the best results.  Before I pitched the yeast I had the following gravity:

OG: 1.050 and 6.5% potential alcohol (3/8/13)

and here are a few reading after pitching the yeast:
SG: 1.008 and 1.5% potential alcohol (3/20/13)
0.5% potential alcohol (3/24/13)
0.2% potential alcohol (3/28/13)

You can calculate the ABV% by subtracting the potential alcohol along the way from the original potential alcohol. That gave me a final ABV of 6.3% (6.5%-0.2%).  I used honey as my priming sugar and used this calculator to determine the amount of priming sugar to use.  After bottling today, I put in my dark brew closet at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  I plan to leave it there for at least two weeks and will post the results once finished.  The cider was very delicious straight out of the fermenter, so this recipe should be a great success. Hope you enjoy! Hit me up with any questions.



  1. Looks great bud. Website is sweet! Let me know if I can be of any help. Your recipe sounds tasty.

    - Hunter

    1. Appreciate it man, thanks for checking it out. Hope all is well and your brews are delicious!