Monday, March 25, 2013

Spent Grain Pizza Dough!

So after making my first batch of beer I realized there was so much potential for using the biproduct.  I took the wet mash, placed it on a few cooky sheets and left it in the oven for about 6 hours with just the warmer on.  After flipping it once throughout the process, it was dry and ready to be used.  I had dry spent grain...... what to do next...
Well naturally I combined two of my passions, pizza and beer.  I took a portion of the spent grain and put it through a coffee grinder on the finest setting. This created spent grain flower, from this I made pizza dough.

1/2 lb of spent grain flower
1/2 lb of flower
pinch of salt
spoon of bread yeast (I work in a pizzeria, we use Redstar)
2oz of olive oil

knead all of those ingredients together and you get a pretty good feeling dough ball, cover the dough ball with olive oil and throw it in a plastic bag.  Tie that sucker up and let that dough ball rise a little.
you can then take your dough ball and either roll out a pizza crust or use your dough roller if you work in a pizza restaurant and roll a pan with the spent grain dough.  Cover with your favorite toppings and cook at 500degrees for about 30 mins.  
Dough has a very hearty natural flavor to it.  Different grain would obviously give you a little different tasting dough, but its all but guaranteed to be delicious.  Enjoy with your favorite beer!

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